2020 Northwest Passage Season

by resolveadm on March 2, 2020

As we move into the warmer spring months, we begin the 2020 Northwest Passage Season and with it comes options, challenges, and plans.  The attached paper from the Scott Polar Institute published in December 2019 by R.K. Headland and colleagues documents the long arctic transit history from 1853 to 2019.  What started as a search for a faster route has become an adventure for some and a necessity for others.  With minor variations, 7 routes have been used for 314 completed maritime transits.  In the Polar Institute’s research, these transits overcame late thaws, icy summers and unexpected storms planned using current technology and experiences.  Today, transitting vessels have Resolve Marine at the passage’s front or back door to guide them and with one quick call help is on the way.  Had Resolve been around in the late 1800’s delivering route planning monitoring and rapid response services, who knows how many more vessels could have completed maritime transits through the Northwest passages if they had partnered with Resolve Marine?  Read the full paper

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