RESOLVE and the National Response Corporation have come together to form 1-Call Alaska, which offers Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) coverage in Western Alaska as required by USCG regulations. 1-CALL Alaska is an alternative planning criteria, voyage monitoring, and response planning organization created for vessels in Aleutian waters transiting internationally.

The 1-Call Alaska APC provides an alternative to other USCG-approved APC’s for non-tank vessels transiting the northern Pacific Great Circle route through the Aleutian Islands in Western Alaska.  In addition to tracking your fleet with our 1-Call Alaska AIS monitoring system for maritime domain awareness, 1-Call Alaska coverage provides the most capable USCG-approved resources and response personnel in the region.

  • USCG approved & NRT RRI-rated OSRO equipment up to WCD1 for open water
  • OSRO/salvage/emergency tow & lightering response throughout Aleutian Chain
  • State of the art AIS support
  • Equipment is owned and operated by 1-Call Alaska partner companies
  • Pre approved contracts – NRC/Resolve – USCG/IG — extend liability cover

Resolve Marine Group and the National Response Corporation are nationally prominent marine emergency response companies with an established relationship providing response planning and operations capabilities. The companies have seized this chance to position a comprehensive planning and emergency response service requested by their many clients whose vessels often transit the North Pacific Great Circle route.

The joint venture partners are well-equipped specialist response organizations with an operations and logistics base in Dutch Harbor. The NRC is the largest oil spill removal organization in the USA and RESOLVE provides all salvage and marine firefighting requirements listed in OPA 33CFR155, Subparts D & J. All services are now available in Western Alaska waters.

Resolve's 1CALL Alaska Alternate Planning Criteria (APC)


For more information, please visit www.1callalaska.com

Feel free to view our brochure here as well: 1CALL Alaska Brochure