RESOLVE provides Western Alaska Quality Dry Dock Services

RESOLVE’s Dutch Harbor dry dock is a completely refurbished testament to our commitment to provide first class quality work despite the remote location. Our dry dock has a 1,000 ton capacity at 2’06” freeboard, keel blocks at 185’ and an inside width of 45’06”.

Hull Maintenance and repair
Resolve Western Alaska, Aleutian Island Graving Dock

RESOLVE’s Dutch Harbor dry dock provides emergency repair and maintenance services to the entire Western Alaska maritime community, including those vessels transiting the Bering Sea. Our welders and laborers provide expedient, top-notch services while prioritizing safety at all times. RESOLVE’s dry dock clientele include those of the fishing industry, oil and gas spectrum, as well as those dealing in cargo transportation.

Our Alaskan RESOLVE team stands ready and able to provide all types of ship and hull repairs and maintenance. With our skilled divers and support staff and our newly refurbished waterfront facility, we are the best choice to provide thorough assessments to identify the best options for marine hull and bottom services in Dutch Harbor, the Aleutian Islands, and Western Alaska.

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