IMG_1984The rapidness and cost-efficiency of Resolve’s services for the Western Alaska maritime community is contingent upon our ability to provide owned and operated floating assets.  Our assets include an anchor handling tug, support vessel, crew boat, 2 types of Munsons, as well as salvage barge and a tank/oil recovery barge.

We take pride in our assets, and operate and maintain them accordingly. Our crew consists of seasoned Alaska mariners, with years of knowledge and experience dealing in the harsh weather and seasons Alaska provides.  Our tug is able to assist in the case of emergency, and offers the top solution for maritime assistance in cases of unforeseen emergencies of transiting vessels in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, and Western Alaska. If your vessel is in need of an emergency tow while transiting Alaska waters and those of the Bering Sea, Resolve’s anchor handling tug/emergency tow vessel will be ready to assist.

Our Dutch Harbor facility provides our vessels and other assets a strategic outpost for vessels transiting the remote areas throughout Western Alaska and the Aleutian Island Chain.

For a better view of our vessels: