Resolve’s Mission

We are guided by the mission to protect the marine environment and property at sea by exceeding the highest safety standards in the business.

Resolve’s Vision – Alaska Operations

Resolve envisions a maritime industry with fewer casualties, minimal environmental impact, and greater efficiency. With vessel traffic growing in the environmentally-sensitive Aleutian Chain, our recent acquisition of Magone Marine Services of Western Alaska further demonstrates our goal to protect and preserve the maritime environment and industry

Resolve’s acquisition of Magone Marine provides a strategically placed emergency response location for client’s transiting Western Alaska that combines the long-standing, deep and local expertise of Magone Marine’s Alaska team with Resolve’s extensive resources, personnel, and salvage and wreck removal experience.

Resolve has relocated 5 vessels to our two Alaska locations; which include our salvage tug, Resolve Pioneer, with an 80-ton bollard pull capability, and our salvage barge RMG 300, which has a 450-ton capacity crane on board.

Resolve Pioneer is an ABS class +A1, Ice Class 1C towing vessel and last February it towed the crippled Carnival Triumph passenger ship to Mobile, Alabama from Mexican waters.

Resolve continually strives to protect seafarers, and in so – partnered with NRC to create 1-CALL Alaska, an USCG OPA-90 Alternate Planning Criteria (APC) coverage program.

Magone Marine History

Magone Marine operated out of Dutch Harbor for nearly 40 years, providing salvage, emergency marine assistance, and ship repair services in the Bering Sea region. It evolved from a diving services company to becoming the leading locally-based provider of emergency response and vessel maintenance services in the area by growing to meet the needs of the developing marine transportation, fishing, fish processing, marine construction, site remediation, and offshore oil industries. Resolve’s acquisition of Magone Marine will continue to offer these services, while further expanding on them.