RESOLVE Salvage & Wreck Removal Services in Alaska

The timely success and cost effectiveness of salvage and wreck removal operations are dependent on the knowledge and experience of the salvor and their personnel, the reliability and availability of owned assets, the strategically chosen locations for their equipment, safety records, environmental impact accounts, the strength of their global network, relationships with governmental agencies, as well as their transparency in dealing with clients and insurers.

Western Alaska Fishing Vessel Wreck Removal, Resolve

RESOLVE has proven to be a world class maritime salvor, providing experience and knowledge through our globally available and in-house salvage masters, naval architects, firefighters, hazard chemical specialists, tug operators, and pollution prevention experts.  RESOLVE teams are made of the top maritime professionals and we are constantly increasing our expertise to provide the best maritime response capability available.

RESOLVE salvage and wreck removal planning is the top in the industry; providing our naval architects are not only highly experienced and hands-on, they are globally available along with our salvage masters and teams in any given moments notice.  Our engineering group provides more expertise if and when needed.  Our Engineering Group along with our Research and Development branch provides RESOLVE with superior expertise and innovativeness in our salvage and wreck removal projects.

RESOLVE continues to choose strategically positioned locations to best provide emergency response coverage to our clients.  Due to the increased use of the Northwest Passage, RESOLVE identified Alaska as one of the top locations in need of a capable and experienced maritime responder. We acquired Magone Marine, of Dutch Harbor, to provide the foundation of this establishment, in addition to their 40+ years of working experience in the ever challenging and remote maritime environment of Western Alaska. RESOLVE has since supplied the establishment with response ready equipment and personnel.

Due to the remoteness of the locations in Western Alaska, RESOLVE maintains a Pilatus with its pilot & mechanic based and hangered in Anchorage. This aircraft supports our Dutch Harbor operations and teams and, equally important, is readily available for search and rescue operations as well as for delivering emergency response teams of divers and salvage experts anywhere in this region.

Our Dutch Harbor facility now has the RESOLVE PIONEER a 207 foot, 80 ton bollard pull anchor handling tug supply vessel, as well as collecting and salvage barges, a fast crew boat, and various other supplementary vessels. Our locations also house lightering and diaphragm pumps, containment boom, and absorbent supplies which are ready to move from storage if an salvage or wreck removal need arises.

In addition to our equipment and assets, our Alaska locations are staffed with our regionally knowledgeable manager, specialists, and laborers.  Whether it’s a container ship in New Zealand, a cruise ship in the Arctic or a tanker in New York Harbor, RESOLVE has successfully tackled some of the most complex salvage operations in the world. Our experienced salvage masters, naval architects, engineers and divers stand ready to assist our clients around the clock. Our clients’ interests are our priority and we’ll work with all stakeholders to ensure operations are completed on time, on budget and most importantly – SAFELY.

Salvage & Wreck Removal Equipment

Emergency Response Equipment:

RESOLVE’s Emergency Response Ready Transportation: The RESOLVE Pilatus

• Inland & Offshore Skimmer Packages
• Fire Pump Packages
• Thermal Imaging Package
• Ventilation Package
• Gas Monitors
• Various Foam Application Systems
• Hydraulic Lightering & Transfer Pumps
• Submersible & Diaphragm Pump Packages
• Roller Bags & Lift Bags

Support Vessels & Equipment:
• Goldeneye (32’) – Work Boat
• Robert Stamps (28’) – High Speed Crew Boat
• Munson (22’) Diesel with push knees
• Munson (22’) Diesel with landing Ramp
• 56’ Steel Deck Barge

Diving Related Equipment:
• Shallow Water Dive Spread with Video
• Decompression Chamber with Medical Lock
• Underwater Burning Package
• Underwater Welding Package
• ROV – Inspection Class