Our Dutch Harbor Facility provides vessels with shipyard, fabrication shop, and dry dock assistance.

RESOLVE provides top marine services to the maritime industry, including those of the oil and gas, fishing, and cargo transportation sectors, in Western Alaska, clients. Our Dutch Harbor operations facility extends 1,200’ on the Dutch Harbor waterfront. This waterfront facility shipyard includes machine shop, a fabrication shop, and an attached dry dock. Our waterfront facility offers vessels the ability of underwater work and assessments by our experienced divers to determine if extensive work is needed.


RESOLVE’s Alaska facility also has a salvage and equipment storage yard adjacent to the waterfront facility. Here we store our salvage and various other type of maritime equipment, aiming to provide full services, rather than subcontracting out.

With RESOLVE’s added capabilities of personnel and equipment, it will now allow us to handle the increased potential of environmental threats to our region created by the significant rise in maritime activity.

Dan Magone
Previously of Magone Marine

Our team of service experts consists of welders, machinists, naval architects, salvage masters, project managers, divers, and laborers.  We assist in needs concerning welding, machine shop work, boat repair, dry docking, emergency assistance, as well as environmental services.

Dutch Harbor Alaska APC Alternate Planning Criteria Drill RESOLVE Marine Group

Our 1-CALL Alaska division provides OPA-90 Alaska provides our clients transiting Alaska waters with USCG approved Alternate Planning Criteria coverage and spill response ready emergency equipment.  Our 1-CALL APC coverage provides 24/7 vessel tracking and high tech communications as first means to prevent vessel groundings or other marine casualties from occurring in Alaska waters.