Our Dutch Harbor Facility provides vessels with shipyard, fabrication shop, and dry dock assistance.

RESOLVE’s Alaska operation provides top welding, fabrication, and mechanics services to the maritime industry, including those of the oil and gas, fishing, and cargo transportation sectors, in Western Alaska. Our Dutch Harbor operations facility extends 1,200’ on the Dutch Harbor waterfront and is inclusive of a machine shop, fabrication shop, and attached dry dock. Our waterfront shipyard provides vessels with experienced and quality welding, fabrication, and mechanics services.

Vessels needing repairs, including hull repairs, can remain in the water for underwater work and assessments provided by our experienced and certified divers.Resolve Dutch Harbor Shipyard and Dry dock Facility, Magone Marine

Our team of service experts consists of welders, machinists, fabricators, divers, and laborers.  We assist in needs concerning welding, machine shop work, boat repair, dry docking, emergency assistance, as well as dry docking (Click here for more information on our dry dock).

Shipyard with machine and all service mechanic shop

Whether you need a propeller, hull, shaft or propulsion system repair, pipe fitted, or metals fabricated, RESOLVE is ready to assist.  Our team has been working on Dutch Harbor boat and ship repairs for over 40 years and are experienced with working on oil and gas sector vessels, the multitude and variance of fishing boats, as well as transiting cargo vessels off of Western Alaska.